About the Blog

This is a personal blog by a girl who turns into a woman and eventually a wife & a mother.
Started out sometime in 2005, a blog hosted by friendster, and officially moving in to blogspot on Aug 2008.

Calling it Fioritura Fiori, because I just got stuck on Italy after playing Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice. After all Fioritura Fiori is (supposed to mean) blooming flowers. As this blog started way back when, I guess the name fits quite well with the blog, as it is blooming time after time.

As a personal blog, obviously this blog contains whatever interests the writer. You can find useful reviews on books, movies, musics, places and events. But you can also find the useless and pointless daily rambles. Wait a second,, on second thought,, it's not useless after all. You know how people learn from other people, or people doesn't feel as bad because of other people. Well,, if you find yourself bored by this absented-soul-life come by this blog and laugh your life off a bit, by laughing off mine,, :)

Hey, I understand that once in a while, we got bored of living, lost in the road constructed by others, or stuck in black hole. But do remember that once in a while, we also felt that this is what is meant to be for us. Ever wonder what would happen if you don't take that turn few years ago.

And this personal blog is a reminder for you at yours or at least for me at mine. That life can get shitty sometimes, but it doesn't matter as it might as well offer you heaven on earth.

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