August 02, 2009

Sushi Crazy @ Sakura Jakarta

I am not a big fan of going into the kitchen. For me all there is to cook is an instant noodle with egg and water *I'm good at popping things into the microwave and making instant sandwiches though*. Gods must be crazy when I decided to attend a cooking class. What can I say, making sushi tutorial is an offer I just couldn't turn down.
So I went to Sakura early morning yesterday (9.30AM on a weekend is early morning) and with the guidance of Chef Roy and Chef Kus of Sakura, brought home 4 packs of sushi. hahaha.. *right now my burps smells like sushi*.
So the class started with a demo on making Eby Tempura by chef Kus. Since one of the recipe we were going to learn was the eby tempura roll, so I had to be able to cook it first right. The demo was very thorough and I got lots of additional infos on making a perfect eby tempura. The chef also explained on how to make the tempura sauce. I always thought tempura sauce is only that salty kikkoman sauce, in fact it wasn't. My jaw just dropped when I heard that you gotta put this and that and cook this and that to make that sauce. For a kitchen pro, it might be easy, for a kitchen newbie like me?!?! blah..hahaha.. Then, the chef explained how to make the sushi rice, and gave another demo on the sushi recipes we were going to make. At the end of the demo, my stomach just went grrrrr.. Not only it was already lunch time, but the smell of fresh sushi just made me want to devour it at once.
So the Sakura's PR took us to one of the private room there to have lunch. Recharge the energy before doing hard works rolling some sushi sengihnampakgigi. To tell you the truth, the food was great. We also had a chance to taste their tuna sashimi, which they claimed to be the best tuna you could ever get in Jakarta *other restaurant are just serving lower grade tunas*. Sakura also claimed to serve authentic sushi, this could be true since most of their visitors are Japanese expat, so they have to give taste-like-home foods, right. Hmm.. Thinking of asking my mom and dad to go there.
All materials for the sushi making class were provided by Sakura. All we got to do is be there, put things on the makisu, and roll. It was fun mixing those ingredients, being careful to roll, and playing math to get an evenly cut sushi. By the end of the day not only I got packs of sushi *like I've said before* but also five sushi recipes: the california roll, the tuna roll, the eby tempura roll, the crunchy roll, and the java roll. The java roll was a slightly different recipe, it used orek tempe as the filler.
So.. will I be the sushi maker??:ahaha:

Note: Sakura Sushi is located at RA. Kartini St. No. 9, Pondok Pinang Village, Kebayoran Lama District, South Jakarta City, 12310. Apparently they've been opening sushi class lots of times. They will open the class when a minimum of 6 students are going to take it. Want to try it?? Just gather your friends. oh..and you could also visit their FB group page and fan page.


qQ Hadikusumo said...

jadi pengen Qq... :D

Nadya said...

mau dong dibikinin sushi may...

MaYaNG's said...

makanya kalian bdua main2 sini. nanti kita bikin sushi bareng..
*sushi shushanti gitu..*

felix navidad said...

tulisan bagus,,,,salam kenal


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