August 20, 2011

What If?

You met someone who make you want to bring out the better version out of you. Being the best, and making the most out of your life. Just because you know, that it's the right thing to do for your life.
What if?
You met someone who's truly the opposite of you. Who'd be simple when you're complicated or complicated when you keep it simple. Who'd be the one to keep your pace down when you're in a rush. Who'd push you out, when you feel laid back and lazy. But despite the differences, you don't mind any of it.
What if?
You met someone that you feel like you can cope with their little imperfections.
What if?
You met someone who doesn't ask you for the world. But you're willingly to give it anyway.
What if?
That someone you met is me, and that someone I met is you.
Will it be called that we're so lucky to finally meet the other half?

~Could it be you fell for me? And any possible similarity. If it's all how would I know? You never knew me at all but I see you.

August 01, 2011

Cracking My Fortune Cookies

If life is like a box of chocolate for Forrest Gump, then for me life is like cracking a fortune cookie.
Most people think that whatever the fortune cookies say is some big cow dung. The wise words are so general that it could relate to everybody. But somehow I often found that whatever the fortune cookies say really relate to my life. You do remember the story of having a trip just because the fortune cookie tell me to go get away, don't you,, :)
So today I cracked another fortune cookie, and it says :
Good luck is a result of good planning
This wise words really just strike me, as I work as planner at a FMCG factory. And seeing this words kinda gave me a new hope,, spirit,, motivation. You know how things don't always go as you plan. And as a planner this can be really frustrating. It's like you are cursed with some bad luck that everything can never go as planned. Then again seeing this words, it just hits me that all I need is to develop better ways to do things. A better system to plan things, a backup plan for every scenarios and good luck will then follow. Everything will fall into the right places, if you just expect whatever it is that will hit you, and have plans for every jab and hook thrown at you.
So I'm thanking this guy/girl behind the fortune cookie, for making such a good quotable quotes. You just made my day today,,

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