December 24, 2012

10 Things I Love About You

1. I Love how you make my rounded belly full
2. I Love the way you knock my abdomen walls vigorously from inside
3. I Love how your existence brings attention even to a stranger
4. I Love how we have bond this past 6 months
5. I Love the monthly check up to ObGyn, because only then I can say hi to you from the Ultrasonography monitor
6. I Love the way you wake me up every morning with your little kick
7. I Love the way you make me countdown to due day every single minute of my day
8. I Love how you make this first time experience for me so easy so far
9.  I Love how you bring more joy to our life
10. Most of all, I Love how you make my life more meaningful

And so we are welcoming the last phase of this miraculous moment. Just three months before D-day, and the euphoria can't seem to tone down. Then again, why it should, we are going to welcome another human being to this extensive family.
I guess it's time for pre-labor day shopping already. I've set up a few mandatory list, a visit to mom and kid expo a few weeks ago really help my reference list. Let the hunts begin!! :)

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