July 22, 2013

Moments of My Life

Can't believe that I'm a quarter plus three years today. And here I am, slightly different from what I imagine myself would be when I was 5 years old. To look back is to cherish, to learn and to be grateful.

1. My first road trip
I remember about 10  - 12 years ago, when I arranged my first road trip with friends. No parents, no chaperones, no limit. It's not like we do something out of the line. But it was a moment of sisterhood. Gaining trust from your parents is not easy, and that was the day my parents let a 16 year old girl, travel 500km + with her clique unguarded. Now that they know I'm a girl who is responsible enough to take care of myself, traveling permit becomes easy after that.

2. My first taste of summit
You might have read my post about Mt. Gede and Mt. Pangrango. It was a thrill to be able to climb up to the top. It may not be the most challenging uphill to climb, but then again for someone like me it's an achievement. The trip to Mt. Gede was a trip for life. To start something from zero with only one goal in mind, To Reach the Top! And when I did, and went back home safely the spirit last through a lifetime. Somethings may be hard, but you just got to believe in yourself that you can make it through. When you think you should go back, there is NO way back. The only way is up! And now, I'm just waiting for a chance to climb another mountain. Let's just pray that it'll be soon.

3. The Future that I was Afraid of
When I was about to graduate high school and went to college there was an anxiety that start to build in my stomach. The anxiety grew stronger after I went through college and about to finish my study. It was like losing faith, and not sure of where to go or what to do. For almost 23 years, what you did for life was studying, getting by test after test. And now comes the day of real life, in which you don't know what trouble lies ahead. In college you have this test that will come quarterly or biannually or by the end of your 4 years study. But in real life, you don't have that pattern of assurance. Trouble comes everyday, and not to mention what if you end up jobless. The uncertainty becomes certain. Here I am, at the moment of "The Future that I was Afraid of", apparently the anxiety had build me to become the woman I am today.

4. The Songs of My Life
As Long As You Love Me will always bring me back to ISY. The day where I live in a foreign country. It was only a year, but it was the most unforgettable year of my life. Not only I found my hidden passion for music there, but I also improve my English, a lot! I Gotta Feeling will always bring me back to the day when I started my first professional job. It was my third month, the song was a top billboard list, played over the radio constantly as I made the Jakarta-Bandung trip to finish my postgraduate program as well as surviving the management trainee projects.
My life is always filled with music. Some songs are very strong that it always trigger certain memories.

5. The Love of My Life
It's a circle of life, just like Rafiki said it in Lion King. I thought the day of me being a parent is so far away down the road, but apparently I'm down that road already. There she is my firstborn baby. As hard headed as her mom, and as cute as a button. A living person that I love unconditionally, and take care of sincerely.

Happy birthday to me! The past 28 years was a challenge, a thrill, a joy, and here's to more beautiful years to come.

July 06, 2013

Nursery Rhymes (Indonesia Boleh Inggris Boleh)

Lagi bingung-bingungnya ngajak main my baby tiba-tiba nemu satu mainan baru di tumpukkan kado yang belum dibuka.

Jreng,,jreng,, Piano Portabel,,
Bagaikan ketemu segenggam emas deh,, Langsung pencet-pencet tuts nya buat nyanyi lagu anak-anak. My Baby pun juga hepi banget, kadang-kadang ber"au-au" seolah2 pengen ikutan nyanyi. Setelah dimainin ternyata banyak lagu yang udah lupa, kalau gak lupa nadanya lupa liriknya. Akhirnya nemu ide lah buat nyatet semua lagu-lagu anak yang bisa dimainkan dalam 1 oktaf saja ke dalam 1 buku yang berjudul "My Baby's Songbook". Pikir-pikir lumayan juga punya buku ini, kalau-kalau mamaknya lagi pergi dan My Baby rewel, orang rumah bisa segera pencet-pencet tuts piano biar My Baby hepi.

Kapan-kapan kalau sudah selesai nyatetnya saya buat versi digitalnya ya,, Biar bisa di-sharing ke pemirsah semuah yang susahhh banget nyari lagu nursery yang nadanya cuma 1 oktaf.
Udah ah,, mamak'e mau pencet2 piano portabel lagi. uhuyy,,

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