July 30, 2011

Waking Up and Smelling The Coffee

I just had my birthday almost a week ago. Celebrating it by buying myself a ticket to the Cranberries concert. It was the best 280K IDR I ever spent on a concert. You can say that I grew up with The Cranberries songs around me. Who could forget their greatest hit Zombie? I might never really remember the lyrics word by word, but it was definitely haunting.
So The Cranberries warmed up the crowd with “Analyze”. It was just what I needed. I guess as we all grow older, we are becoming more of a dry sponge. Hard, stiff, resistant. And this song reminds me to be free. Free your mind, open up, be a sponge! Jamming my head while chanting words from the song, the midnight sky witness how I and other thousands Cranberries fans free our soul that night.
Don’t analyze, don’t go that way, don’t lead that way, that would paralyze your evolution.
Sometimes, we do overthink everything that happens to us. Because we know whatever we do today, will affect whatever will happen to us tomorrow. We worry too much, that we cease to live. We fear the future too much, that we chose to pause, think and do nothing instead. What’s keeping me away from whatever it is that lay in front of me is only the fear to make mistakes. Realizing that, now I’m just trying to embrace every moment. Happiness, sadness, troubles, way out, problems, whatever that is, I’m opening up my mind. I am not afraid.
I’m free to decide. And I choose to wake up and smell the coffee.
As the night turns darker, and the concert grew thrilling, I discover another song by this band. An old song I never notice. This one goes to whoever you are who’d be the one. Trust me, when it's out there, it's not coming back.
I’ll be here. I’ll be dreaming my dreams with you. And there’s no other place. That I’d lay down my face. I’ll be dreaming my dreams with you.
And the concert ends with another hit by The Cranberries which is also another favorite of mine, "Dreams". It's the only video I can get of the band that night. I was too busy singing along that I forgot to recorded them LIVE. And you know what I kinda understood why they put this as a closing song. Because Cranberries treated their fans as a dream to them. That the fans are everything to them. And it was the sweetest closing score they could ever give us.

p.s. pardon the blurry, shaky, and too much hand blocking videos. It was recorded using my not-so-smart phone, while dancing through the song though trapped between three giants who refuse to give me some space and let me have a clearer vision to the band.


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