October 31, 2011

That's Life

If you don't know how it feels, then don't even try to empathize.
If you don't really care, then don't even try to understand.
If you don't mean it, then don't even say it.
If you don't see, hear, smell, or taste it, then it's never really there at all.

The presence of a reaction depends upon an action.
An object that is at rest will stay at rest.
A movement comes when there's a force.
How hard the boat is rocking, depends on how hard you rock it.

When life gives you lemon,
And you just hate it.
Say no!
And get yourself an orange

October 16, 2011

My Childhood Collection

I was going across a lot of cupboards today, looking for my camera charger. I ended up stumbling across a big box filled with stickers. And this fateful coincidence led me to a search of "My Strangest Childhood Collection", few minutes later,, VOILA! we had this post
My collection started with something really normal like children books and fluffy furry dolls. I had tons of it. Whatever you see in the pictures, is probably only part of it. *hahah*
Reading books is probably just a habit that runs in the family. My dad loves to read from kungfu books to biographical/history/politic books. My bro is also a fan of literature, you name it, he most probably know it. And me, I'm always in for the ride ever since I learn to read at the age of three, although probably my preference of books is not as heavy. Being crazy for books have rewarded me with a strange award: "Most book readings", cause I borrowed so many books from the library. Being crazy for books had also made me goin' through and obsession of building a library someday *but this obsession has tone down right now*.
As for fluffy furry dolls, well which little girl that don't love this. I had this duck stuffed animals that can flap their wings when you pull a string, a rooster that crow when you punched it in the chest, numerous medium size teddy bears, and many others. I don't have a theme for this stuffed animals. Mostly are gifts from my dad, aunts, friends, never really ask for a specific one.
Ok, so we got through the normal ones. Now let's list down those that used to be popular collections in the era. The prestigious collection every cool and unique kids should have.
  • Barbie Dolls
    Despite that it is overpriced, and misleading on the concept of ideal body image, I can't help but to actually become addicted to this dolls when i was kid. This dolls are before the era of My Scene, in which Barbie suddenly become a really hype party girl with boots, animal print, big lips and oversized head. The barbie I had, is the one with a gymnast bag *to celebrate olympic season*, a bathing suite that changes color when you dip it in the water, hangin' out with her little sister Skipper and beach boy BF Ken. 

  • Stickers
    When I was in 1st or 2nd grade, the girl with the cutest and largest collection of stickers is the coolest one in class. The must have item for a girl is a "sticker collection book". We collect them, we trade them, and we show them off. I believe there was even a myths that to spot whether a sticker is of good quality or not is by looking at the back of it *the part where you stick it to something*, if it's the same color as your sticker (e.g. you have a sticker of black gorilla, and the color at the back is also black) then your sticker is real. That was pretty silly, I mean it was just sticker. But back then, it meant so much to have an extensive collection of sticker. I even got bumped for a week, just because I left one of my sticker book at school, and the next day it was gone. Somebody stole it! When my cousin from USA got here and gave me 2 box of Sandylion stickers I knew that it was a treasure. Didn't want to trade it for anything, and use it only to touch up my art homeworks. And now, 20 years later, still have a complete collection and I just don't know what to do with it.
  • Filing Papers
    This is also a useless and pointless collection. There was a time at school that using a notebook is soooo lame. So we started using file papers. And then the bookstore suddenly sold filing papers with cute designs, and colorful colors. I dunno who started it, but suddenly those papers become some collectible items. Kids would whine and quarrel for the file papers they want.
  • Perfume Bottles
    Out of the collections I got, this would probably be the one that would cost a fortune someday . It all started when my dad work overseas, and when he got home, he always brought a box of perfumes collection for my mom and granny. And just one day, I decided to keep the empty bottles. Too bad some collections are not complete. This is a pretty demanding collection, since I need to constantly checked my mother's drawer whether she had finished up the perfume or not. And at some point she could accidentally throw it away when the bottle's empty, or forgot where she put it after it's finished *since the bottle is so small*. Well, hopefully *praying out loud* someone will find this collection a treasure, and bid high, hahahaha,,
  • The Movie Tickets
    I dunno why I keep this junk in my wallet. It basically make my wallet thick of papers instead of money. Maybe because it was the pre-FB/twitter era. When you gotta bring hard evidence to proof that you've done something. Nowadays, if you just watched a movie, you just twit your opinion about it, or update your FB status, or upload your picts at the movie theatre in front of the movie poster *considering the no pics=hoax rule*. Back then, if a person ask you "what movie you've watched?", you simply says "ah,, not much,," then showed them your extensive collection of movie tickets. Hahahaha,, this is soo lame. But you know what, when I looked at this ticket, certain movies just pops out. For example the "Center Stage" ticket, I remember going to Plaza Senayan with the girls at my class right after school on Saturday. Not forgetting to change our uniform *since malls don't let students with uniform to go inside*. It was a riot, and we had fun at the mall watching this movie. Loving the drama and awed by the ballet moves. Then I saw the first movie of Harry Potter ticket, it was 2001. I don't even remember that I watched it at the cineplex. I thought the habit of chasing the Harry Potter movie premiere doesn't came up until recently. Apparently it goes waaaaay back when.
  • Tazos
    Tazos is actually a little simple circular toy that you can get from a pack of chips. It has attractive cartoon designs, and you can make this thing spin, or build something out of it. The first series of Tazos were of the Looney Tunes character. I used to have tons of this Tazos, but I only found whats left of it. And it is of the next series with the Pokemon design. I guess somewhere in between 1999 to 2011, I found it zero value despite of the nostalgic memory and decided to throw it away.
So I guess that's about all I can find. But actually I had a lot more junk collection that I have decided to dump ages ago, such as the Gatorade bottle cap or the Ring can opener *you know the ring that you use to open a can of coke*. It was all silly. I got no idea what has gotten into me to even collect those things. ?!?!?!

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