August 26, 2008

He’s Just NOT That Into You

WARNING: this is a rambling lady who believes would score a hundred on “relationship 101” exams, without actual adequate practical relationship experience, neither human in general nor couples in particular.

“He’s Just Not That Into You” is a book by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tucillo (the people behind the hit TV series sex and the city), which you might call ‘a wake up call’, ‘a slap in the face’, or ‘cold water to shake the mind’. After having the book in possession and read the introduction pages by Liz and Greg, I was thinking this is an interesting book, and decided to read it thoroughly. You’ll find this book easy to read since it is presented ala Q&A between Greg and any eligible-women-stuck-in-a-bad-relationship. here is the big truth, women tend to make excuses for any unworthy treatment by a guy. Confused by their mix messages, which is actually not that mix after all. We are the one who’s mixed up, hopeful (not confused), yet the situation is just damn hopeless. And the awful truth is if a guy doesn’t call when he says he will, or make sure you know he’s dating you, or treat you right, he’s actions are simply screaming: he’s just not that into you.

Let’s face it, how many of you got in to the “abbreviation” relationship (TTM, HTS, FWB, etc), or dating a guy who’s married (and other insane variations of being unavailable), or the most selfish jerk in the world, or the ones that suddenly disappeared on you. Being put out like that, your relationship doesn’t sound like a great relationship after all huh?? Hell yeah, let’s not wastes the pretty. Every women (and men) deserve a great relationship. Why stuck at better than nothing when you could actually get something out there. As Greg says it “There’s a guy out there who will want to tell everyone that he’s your boyfriend. Quit goofing around and go find him.”

So anytime you got confused with the murky relationship you got, just read this book. The chapters are divided into several situations and conditions of every confusing relationship you can ever imagine. In each chapter you’ll find any possible explanation (no matter how ridiculous) women would give to the certain situations. Trust me after reading this book; you’ll laugh off every bad relationship you ever got into, and move on with your life. A little advice from Liz, “if the guy you’re dating doesn’t seem to be completely into you, or you feel the need to start “figuring him out,” please consider the glorious thought that he might just not be that into you. And then free yourself to go find the one that is.”

A little acknowledgement, I was eager to do a review on this book after watching an Indonesian reality show (that seems to be not so real after all) at a certain local station. The week’s case was a girl whose boyfriend had disappeared for three months. The girl and the reality show’s teams were hunting for any leads they can get, to track him down. Finally, by coincidence they met the boy’s car at a certain real estate in which they suspect would be the location of the boy’s current resident. Long story short, the hunting ended up with the girl meeting up with the other girl friend. And, as you know it when a girl meets the other girl, it’s a sign for a cat fight. Don’t ask me how the show ended; I turn off the TV as soon as they start gibbering. Should’ve turned it off earlier, when I heard the phrase “three months missing”. Have a little respect to yourself. For as far as we know it, the guy’s disappearing action is a sign of HE’S NOT THAT INTO YOU!! (if you don’t get this by now, please, read the book..)

Happy searching your “somebody for someone”!! \(^,^)/



raeArani said...

Judul laennya adalah:
He he he..

Anonymous said...

he..he.. bagus juga ne banyak-banyak aja ce yg baca jadi gw nggak usah sering-sering ngomong "sudah lah dan berhenti berharap, biarkan aku melanjutkan hidupku"
*langsung kabooor dikejar massa*

MaYaNG's said...

ya ollo temon...pedenya selangit...wakakakakak..XD

raeArani said...


mungkin lo harus belajar berbahasa manusia...

Anonymous said...

iya nih mohon maap sebesar-besarnyah maklum sayah keseringan begooll sama malaikat 0:)


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