March 26, 2011

Batik = Medogh

Disclaimer: This is not a promotional activity. Every opinions are truly personal based on consuming experience. *A story long overdue,, :)*
You know how for a certain period of time you'll face some particular fads. For example the crazy ringlet hair during the 80's, or the California-Pro in line skate a sports equipment you must have during mid 90's. There were times when people were wearing super baggy jeans then the super tight jeans (pencil), or the baggy on the thigh but tight on the caves jeans. The point is, these fads come and go. Probably, one of the fads we were facing a few months back would be the Batik fads.
Ever since the controversy, suddenly batik clothing become more casual. A cloth that once you wear only to formal ceremonies and weddings, has become a fashion on the street. And thanks to capitalism, a spirit to preserve the cultural heritage at first, is being mistaken by the business world. And here are some young entrepreneurs, who'd like to bring batik back to its roots in a young and refreshing way.
Medogh, that's what the boutique is called. Started out as any independent clothing boutique in the business. Marketing from mouth to mouth, giving free samples or catalogues to friends and families, plus opening stalls at Sunday morning flea market. You must have asked why call it Medogh? Well the word "Medogh" itself comes from the Javanese language it means "thick" or "peculiar". This reflects their desire to create products that are thick or peculiar with Indonesia's culture, which is Batik. Batik is often misinterpreted as a cloth with batik printing on it. Therefore it's been a mission for Medogh to strike out a campaign to increase people's awareness of the "real" batik. Their goal would be that someday Medogh will only sell products made from real genuine handmade batik. Because batik is basically an art of processing a cloth.
Why being an entrepreneur? Apparently there's a big motivation for Medogh's owner to choose the entrepreneur way. Trading is 9 out of the 10 doors to fortune (as what the prophet says). By being an entrepreneur, owner's of Medogh believe that they can also help other people especially their employees. Only by being an entrepreneur that they can hold on to their idealism, build their own rules, and reach for the wildest dreams. Obviously this idealism and dreams are the engine to keep the business going, the spirit to keep moving while in stagnant.
Established in January 27th 2009, with Batik jackets and blouse as their main products. Two years later, Medogh has expanded its line to batik bags and shoes. To find out more about Medogh, you can visit their facebook page or their website. Cheerios!

p.s. u know that batik jackets, people has been asking me of where do I get it. Truth be told is whatever you buy at Medogh, hardly find it at any other stores. As they are not retailers, so their products are limited stocks.

March 21, 2011

Main-Main Keliling Indonesia

Wah ternyata udah lama sekali ya, saya gak mengisi artikel tentang travel. Padahal ada tiga daerah lagi yang belum saya review loh.. Oke sebetulnya antara Juni - Agustus 2010 saya sempat menginjakkan kaki kembali di Lampung demi menghadiri pernikahan salah satu sahabat saya, main-main ke salah satu pulau di kepulauan Seribu yang waktu itu lagi happening banget (yap.. apalagi kalau bukan P. Tidung), dan tentu saja,, salah satu daerah di Indonesia yang tiba2 muncul di peta kepariwisataan akibat adanya buku dan film Laskar Pelangi (yes!! it's Belitung).
Oke langsung saja menuju TKP,, jika Anda yang ingin melihat trip Lampung II silahkan klik di sini, untuk P. Tidung dan sekitarnya silahkan klik di sini, dan untuk trip to P. Belitung silahkan klik di sini. Enjoy the article, semoga bisa membantu..

p.s. satu lagi,, saya sudah merencanakan trip Bali-Lombok dalam seminggu di bulan May. doakan trip ini sukses ya!! let's have fun!!
p.s.s. Dengan adanya artikel ini I officially announce that Fioritura Fiori is going Public again.

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