November 30, 2009

The Sky is Blue

I look up to the sky
And I see you
Just the way you are
When I left you last

The sky is blue
And I remember you
Who loves the color
Just because I love it too

The sky is bright
And I think we'll be allright
No matter how far apart
We're looking up at the same blue sky

How I wonder,
Do you see me too
When you lift your head up
And look at the sky above



qQ Hadikusumo said...

so swiiiiiit.....

Hmm, must be from the bottom of ur heart ya may...?


yg tabah ya...

*apa C Q? :P*

MaYaNG's said...

he?!?! hahahaha..
kadang2 puisi saya memang inspiratif. wkwkwkwkwk.. *hoeekk..*


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