November 01, 2009

The Final Curtain Call

This is it, this is the final curtain call..

If the concert actually happened in the O2 Arena, if MJ had not died three weeks before, I believe it would be a perfect final curtain call for the king. Okay.. after watching This Is It, now I know what makes MJ a star.. a king.. or whatever worshipping words entitled to him. Not just because he practice and practice. But in every little detail of the concert there was Michael. He was there to audition the dancers. He was there to do the check sound. He was there to concept the stage act. No wonder his tickets sold out, and the concert itself was extended. People would've got what they'd expected. *although sometimes I think he acted too lebay (over the top) when singing without the music accompaniment, stage lights, and dancers. but overall its great!! ^^*
Well, those of you who haven't got the chance to go to the cinema and watch this, I would say hurry!! *I heard it was in cinema only for two weeks* Watching the movie is like watching MJ singing live. At least it would be an antidote to the grievings for a curtain call come to soon.

Gone too soon - Michael Jackson



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