October 17, 2009

My Late Night Snack-DIY

After raiding my fridge for a late night snack, I found some dark chocolate Lindt thins that's been sitting there for a year *or more, I think*. We really don't have the appetite to finish it, since it's 85% cocoa therefore too bitter to snack. But combine it with some strawberries *even the low grade and misshape ones* will make a delicious late night snack.kenyit
So I decided to take some chocolates. Melt it in the microwave *might have overheat it a bit, because it turns out a bit lumpy, but still dipable-->just create a new vocab there, hehe..*. Then dip some strawberries into the chocolate melt. Put it in the fridge for 15-30 minutes. The late night snack is ready.
Well, the key to make the choc melt is taking out the chocolate from the microwave every few seconds (15-45), stir, and then heat it again. Do it over and over until it melts perfectly. Next project would be, trying to decorate this chocolate covered strawberries. I think this would be a nice gift for some special occasions for those special peoplesenyumkenyit.


qQ Hadikusumo said...

spertinya 'jiwa keibuan' mayang mulay tumbuh...
muahahahahah... :D

Ratna Gusliana said...

hmm... delicious ^^


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