September 09, 2010

Another Crossroad

Here again I'm arriving at another crossroad.
Every day you curse to the wall for people who treats you like you're an amateur *even when you are doing the right thing*. You think you are ready for everything. And you promise to yourself "when I'm a big dawg, I will do this and that and everything I can think of".What would you do when opportunity comes sooner then you think. You plan this whole thing would happen in *say* a year or two. And suddenly God *in a form of a person with high authority* comes knocking at your door and say "here,, I'm giving it to you today".
To refuse an opportunity would be like throwing away a rough diamond. You can see there's a potential for that stone to be high value. But once you cut it wrong, the stone would be worthless.
We always want to be a big dawg, but we never want to be the choke point. I guess we just have to roll on that sleeve and man up *eventhough you're just a pretty cutie woman,,jelir*. There's no way you can be at the top of the tree, without the wind blowing it so hard. It's always hard up there, and it will never change.
So I guess, I'm done planning the unplannable. And when an opportunity comes, I just have to be courageous. Because there's really no wrong you can't make right again.

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