October 04, 2009

A pict here, A pict there, and it goes everywhere

Another late night boredom, after working with loads of paper works. Well, I figured it wouldn't hurt to play a late night blog tagging games. But as usual, no one will get tag afterwards, since it's for my amusement only. haha..

Okay.. so.. here's the rule:
Use Google Images to search for the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results and post it as your answer.

1. The age of my next birthday
2. Places I would like to visit
3. My favorite place
4. My favorite things
ah..it's not perfect, but it's my best friend..sort of..
5. My favorite food
6. My favorite color
7. My favorite animal
8. The town in which I was born
9. The town in which I Live
10. The name of a past pet
okay..okay.. I got a habit of naming my pets after some food instead of their fur color
11. My nickname
what?!?! you're not expecting me to post that scandalous celeb picts rite?!?!
12. My First name
13. My last name
14. College Major
15. Name of my first ehm..ehm.. *haha..*
16. A bad habit of mine
17. My first job
18. My grandma's name
19. My hobby
This is a really three in one picturesengihnampakgigi
20. My current wish

All pictures were taken from various websites. Thank you for posting interesting images. ^^


Menoedh said...

aaahhh...luccuuuuu..ntar pingihn ikutan ahh..hehehe *mentag diri sendiri*

harusnya lo pasang aja nama seleb terkenal yang tak tahu malu itu hehehe

MaYaNG's said...

kalo gue pasang dia, bisa2 blog gue jadi NC-17 rated. hahahaha..XD


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