October 10, 2009

Energy Crisis

The world might not be the only one having an energy crisis!!
Okay let's face it, in this increasingly chaotic world *and believe me, it will go even more in the future*, you * yes you* are actually the one exposed to a greater energy crisis threat. Think back for the past few months. How many times a day did you actually wish to have more time to finish every assignments or just to lay back and relax?? Well, truth be told, time only have 24 hours a day, and no matter how much you wish, that is the way it is. On the other hand, the personal energy you use to finish your assignments is something you could replenish.
So, just how good have you been on handling this crisis? You'll find below, a simple test to determine it. I got this from my softskill class. Hopefully this could help you to know more about you..^^

Total scoring explanations:
0-3 : really good at managing energy
4-6 : reasonable ability to manage energy
7-10 : Significantly deficit ability to manage energy
11-16 : CRISIS!!!

Category scoring explanations:
0: really good at managing energy
1: strong ability to manage energy
2: Significantly deficit
3: poor ability to manage energy
Source: Schartz, Tony (2007): "Manage your energy, not your time", HBR vol 85, no 10, pp 63-73.

How to deal??
okay.. this is just a few tips I snitch and snatch from here and there. Hopefully this could help a little to replenish the energy. heheh..sengihnampakgigi
  • Stay healthy. This means eating nutritious food, get some exercise and also some sleep.
  • Keep away from the negative energy. Yes, it's time to think positive. If you start things with less enthusiasm, then don't even expect to get something great out of it.
  • Avoid the toxic. Toxic people are just the kind of people that couldn't see other people's happiness. So why bug spending time with these people when they chew away your energy.
  • Find your "sweet spots". This is easier said than done, but try not to get involve with things that you don't like. When you think what you are doing right now is pointless, maybe it's a hint to find a new job.
  • Make priorities. Okay, this one is more of a time management thing. The point is to focus on what you're doing.


qQ Hadikusumo said...

ko saya agak" krisis...
memang perlu lebih disiplin lagi... XD

MaYaNG's said...

qq..itu gak krisis kali..
nilai totalnya kan 3, terus nilai masing2 kategori 1 bahkan ada yang 0. Itu berarti Anda sangat baik mengelola energi. ciee..^^

raeArani said...

yes krisis berat yes!!!


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