April 01, 2014

April Calendar Quick Page

April is the month of everything.
Company wise it's the month of Q2, and by the end of Q2, we all know what will happen. Yes, it's budgeting time!
Well to start off Q2 with something fun I'm sharing a calendar template using the kit from Romajo's Self Portrait

I just had a univeristy class reunion last week. It was fun, I guess the last time so many people turn up for a gathering is about 5 years ago. After that people just got busy, earning money, travelling, making babies, finding love, and other stuff. Meeting this goody old friends remind me of those younger years. Back then, we always came up with some ideas just to have a gathering (e.g. The Independence Day Game, The Let's Skip Class Today Event, The Volley Tournament, The Annual Halal Bihalal, The Annual Break Fasting, et cetera,, et cetera,,). Well, those were the days, when we love to make fun mistakes.

Note. As usual image is link. And to change the picture, just put your picture on the "Place Photo Here" layer, and use the mocca frame as guideline.



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