March 18, 2009

Conscience strikes me

Sehubungan dengan banyaknya tugas tak terselesaikan yang kian hari semakin menumpuk. Saya pun mulai bertanya-tanya dan mencari-cari tahu. Apa yang salah dengan saya ya??
Tengok kiri, tengok kanan, saya pun sadar WOW!! Looks like I'm spending too much time on the virtual world, specifically social network sites and bloggers. Coming from the girl who claims to have a good time management skill, I realize that I just wasted my productive and quality time.
So I am making a pledge to myself for a little while, just to make me more human again:
  • Browsing the virtual world only to check e-mails, and information related to your interests and course work.
  • Stop checking those social network accounts. I warn you..STOP checking those social network accounts and updating your status, and tagging photos, and commenting your friends status, and playing PS, GC..etc
  • Stop checking your blog, write something and then erasing it, and then writing it all over just to erase it again. You still can write in your "journal file" though, and when the time comes we'll select few qualified entries out of a bunch to post in this blog.
  • Keep in touch with real people in flesh and blood. Spend some quality time with them, make a phone call to those who are important, they really deserve that you know, instead of a poke on FB.
  • Get your hands on those never ending assignments. you know you gotta finish it somehow. Better now then later girl!!
  • Instead of looking at pictures of interesting places. Let's get out there, went to those places and be in the pictures. Look, you spend too much time inside and forget how the sun burns and the rain makes you all wet.
So it's just for a little while though. Probably by the time I get back I'll show you my tanned skin *haha..* or probably a tattoo on my back *more gyahahaha..* or even my new hubby, since i'm making so many friends now * :ahaha: nah just kidding*

For a better me, and a better human relationship. Mayang, SIGNING OUT..


Anonymous said...

gw jadi inget video yg ini di wakakakak

tips dari gw, coba deh diare dijamin males online deh wakakakak

melur said...

iya nih parah banget nih may, gue juga udah mulai adiktip banget ama yang namanya internet..sehari gak online pasti keringet dingin keluar *lebay* hehehe...
cheers ah, seperlunya aja deh ya ga sih?

-signing out-

qQ Hadikusumo said...

bener may...
pantesan mayang akhir" ini jarang muncul diFesbuk...
i will pledge like u did...
blog aja wae-lah....
lebih sehat spertinyah ;)


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