June 01, 2014

It's June Already!

It's June already! Means we already halfway to the end of the year. Work related wise, means it's already time for Mid Year Review and 2015 pre-budget. Adapting this to our daily life, means it's time for us to take another look for 2014 resolution check list, and start to build baseline for 2015 (oh, I'm talking totally like a demand planner now). 

Last month we had the interNational Scrapbooking Day, and I spent the day by joining a workshop by Gudily. Which I still owe a DIY tutorial for you. For those of you who doesn't know Gudily, it is an online store which sell masking tapes by mt tape, and some other party supplies such as paper straws, paper plates, wooden cutlery, etc. If you want to buy offline, they have assorted collection dropped at Koloni108, Bandung. Now on the workshop, we created some pop up greeting cards & decorations. Which I promise I will make a post on, so you can have more DIY ideas. :)

Moving on,, we went to the zoo few days ago. And to tell you the truth, if you planned to bring a one year old to a zoo then you have to be prepared for the "zoo rush" which is like the "sugar rush". All day long, she wouldn't stop pointing, jumping up and down, babbling, and dancing. No sleep, no eat, all play! It was a tiring day, but aren't we glad that the kid has so much interest in wildlife animal. 

Therefore this month's desktop calendar is dedicated for the day at the zoo. I'm creating this layout using the template & the colaboration kit from Gotta Pixel designers blog hop. 



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