July 01, 2014

July! Happy Ramadhan!

Hello,, hello,, 
First I'd like to say happy ramadhan, for those of you who will be fasting for this one whole month. May the month of Ramadhan filled with rahmah and baroqah.
Second, I can't believe it's July already! July is the month of birthday for almost everyone in my family. It's like a never ending celebration for us. As most of chinese origin families, every birthday we always eat noodles. Why? they say it is so we can have a long life. Maybe the length of a noodle is an inspiration to resemble a long life. :)
Next, I'm sharing a desktop calendar for July with you. I'm using a kit from the PixelScrapper : June Blog Train, the theme is "Oh Baby Baby". If you're just having a baby or would like to give a digiscrap gift to your friend who just gave birth, this is the perfect theme to use. As for me, as I'm celebrating "my 29th day" this month, I'm using this kit to reminiscence my younger year as a baby.

P.S. I'm sneaking one picture of my baby boo here. Can you tell which one it is.



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