February 24, 2010

Mayang on The Air: 90's Playlist

If we go way back. I mean really really way back when. Like when I was a teenager or ABG (that's what my people call it). Well, you're probably in your early 20s, or late 20s, or 50s, or whatever.. Just remember, remember that day when you feel like Mtv ruled your days. Going straight home just to see Mtv Land *proud that it was hosted by such cool Indonesian vjs* and Most Wanted. Way back when reality shows for Mtv means sending a bunch of teenagers on a road trip to go around the world *instead of some 90210 dramas or some brats spending their father's money for an extravagant sweet 16*. Sending postcards just to get goodies from artist of the month. You even got their hitlist noted in the journal *okay.. this has come to a point where it gets creepy*. Bottom line is.. you just can't live without it. And today, when I was watching StarWorld's ad, they were using a backsound that just triggers the memory. So here comes my 90's playlist, to accompany your late night works.

  1. Suede - She's in Fashion (actually I like positivity better, but since it was not released until the 2000s so I thought better stick with the theme here. heheh..)
  2. Blur - Coffee&TV (those of you who hates this song.. well you gotta be crazy. this is my favorite blur song and music video. seeing that milk carton walking on the street to find love is fun)
  3. Alanis - Ironic (seeing 4 Alanis in a car acting lunatic is better then seeing her half half naked. besides when you feel life's a trick you just turn up this song and by the end of it you just realize that shit just happens)
  4. Lisa Loeb - Stay (everytime this song got shuffled on my ipod, can't help but to repeat it)
  5. Britney - Baby One More Time (hey.. you gotta love her way back when)
  6. Westlife - Flying Without Wings (I remembered knowing all of their songs lyrics by heart
  7. The Moffats (ah..doesn't matter what they're playing, you just loved to watch the TV when their videos were playing. Clint!! ILU!!)
  8. Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly (I used to think that their videos are a bit pornographic, what a fool)
  9. U2 - The Sweetest Thing (oooo... the sweetest thing)
Enjoy!! kenyit


raeArani said...

kenapa suedenya gak yang beautiful one?

itu kan lagu pertama yang gua nyanyiin di atas panggung.

kalo learn to fly, itu lagu keduanya. tepat setelah beautiful one.

MaYaNG's said...

nyang itu kurang nyantel di otak..


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