December 07, 2009

Look Up and You'll See

If there's a glimpse of light
In the darkness of night
I pray with all my might
All wishes granted tonight

Even if the sun shines half-heartedly. I will still come and brush off your doubts. No more questions, why I always stand up to the same hope
Dashing up, I will not stop walking. Going after the hopes of a beautiful story with you. A million dreams will not go by.
Dashing up, I will not stop walking. For an endless story to reach out for you. Last forever.
The darkness of night, will not discourage the heart. To come even closer. Till the end of time, you're irreplaceable.~Cokelat, Tak Pernah Padam

p.s. akhir2 ini langit seperti mendukung Stephanie Meyer, bulan yang selalu purnama (new moon), warna langit ketika matahari terbit (breaking dawn), atau siang yang berawan dan sangat cerah. Saya cuma mikir, why everyday can't be like this. If you see my previous post, I just can't help it but to take a pict just because the reflection of the sky on the window is so mesmerizing. And when I look at the real sky, it's even a greater color. *sigh* every day is beautiful as it is..


raeArani said...

masa' sih dulu-dulu gak pernah merhatiin? aku sering lho ngeliat langit yang bagus begitu..


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