December 31, 2009

Counting Down on New Year's Eve


I just remember what happened last new year's eve, a year before, and two years before. I remembered having such a great time with some "bodoric" friends, playing very "cupuic" fire works, and having a rustic bbq. We did it three years in a row that it almost became a routine. We may not have some extravagant fire works, or eating luxurious foods in a gala dinner, but it does not matter, it was still tons of fun. A late night chat, while playing slap-the-cards, at some small and cheap bungalow or a friend's house.


I was never a fool, until the day I met you. You made life so easy, and for a while that's the way I see. I never believe in fairy tale. Any Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, or Rapunzel. For me ,the story just fail to bring any miracle. Somehow you came along, and I thought maybe we belong. Apparently you've just proven me right, that there's no such story as snow white.


Remember those days, when your days are just suffocating. I always said, that when you're down, just run for nature. And that's what I did, I travel. I may not find more friends for life, but at least I met other people that pretty much clears away my blue. And most of all, when you are out there, somewhere at nowhere land. Where the sky scrapers do not block your sight to see the bright sky, the sunrise and the sunset. You can just look away, see the beauty, and you don't care that you're alone in the middle of the crowd. Because you're not lonely..


So it's been six months since my last birthday. Six more months till my next. And I'll be 25 then.


Chasing for your dream, hopes, or lovers are fine. But you just have to remember that not all things are worth the extra miles you are willing to take. That special something or someone might be everything to you, but you may not be everything to it. So, when you are giving it all, and it does not turn out the way you want it to be, you just have to let it go.


I'm afraid of the future. I'm afraid it may not turn out the way I want it to be


If I could freeze time, I'll live for this moment. Although it may not be the best moment, but at least I know that right at this second I'm okay.


Tuhanku Ku ingin bercerita, Ku tunduk bersujud, Ku mulai berdoa
Lelahnya jiwaku, Beratnya langkahku
Tuhanku, Ku rindu tawaku yang dulu. Kejujuran kebenaran yang dulu ku tahu. Ke mana semua, Sejauh itukah. Ku sesal sudah
Peluklah semua tanyaku. Jawablah dengan cara Mu
Tuhanku, Ku ingin berkelana. Kembali mencari jalan ke rumah. Bukan di sini tempat ku. Bukan mereka yang ku cinta.
Hari ini ku mengenali arti keberanian yang menerbangkanku di atas semua derita.
Dan apa kabarnya
Usai semua sandiwara. Cukup ku berpura pura. Sejujurnya, hanya dia yang ku cinta. Ke hatinya aku ingin pulang


Kadang memang, kita ingin merengkuh dunia, walau hanya memiliki dua tangan kecil.. yang hanya sanggup menggapai langit-langit ruangan sesak.


I am watching the big fireworks from the porch of my hotel room. Happy new year all!! May the year 2010 be filled with joy, happiness, and success..



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