September 15, 2009

Young and Making Money

Read About Them, Then Vote

By Manuel Baigorri

Even in the best of times, it takes guts to start your own business. To be an entrepreneur amid the current economic turmoil requires an extra dose of courage. But the global downturn hasn't daunted the young men and women featured in BusinessWeek's annual special report on Asia's best young entrepreneurs. Our nominees—suggested by readers and BusinessWeek editors—share a passion for business and a great entrepreneurial spirit that is helping them navigate through challenging times. Now it's time for you, our readers, to let us know your favorite. Read on to learn more about the candidates for best Asian young entrepreneur and then vote for your top choice.

Reading how old these people are and what they do just to know that there's a market to their business is just amazing. Some came up with a business that I could never think of as a business. Well, may the best enterpreneur win. If you'd like to vote, just follow the link. FYI, about 1/3 of the contestants are from Indonesia. wow.. look at what these young enterpreneurs do to create job instead of sitting around with news paper in hand making circles on multinational companies' career ads. *shame on me..hehe..*


qQ Hadikusumo said...

May, u've to read Kiyosaki's "Before You Quit Your Job"
provokatif skaliii...
entrepreneur = freedom&joy ^^


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