August 10, 2014

Space Exploring? Visit an Observatory

Though I love math, science such as physics and astronomy were never my strength subjects when I was in school. I always fail to understand the equation of gravity or any theory about heat, layers of the sky, or even type of clouds. But visiting a science museum never fails to amaze me. 
In Indonesia, we have a Planetarium right at the heart of Jakarta. And the famous Boscha Observatory in Bandung is sometimes open for public. Although I never really got a chance to visit the observatory (seems like everytime I went to Bandung, the observatory is always close). But the one observatory that will always be in my heart will be the Griffith Observatory Museum, LA, USA. I went there about 15+ years ago when I was just an elementary student. And even back then, the museum was filled with interactive experiments about the outerspace. Right at the front lawn, there's a statue of famous scientists such as Newton etc, and when you step a foot inside, you were greeted by a giant pendulum. And Griffith is the place where I first saw a solar telescope. It was gigantic!
Last July, one of PixelScrapper designer, Sheila Reid, release a Space Explorer bundle. And at first glance, the kit reminds me of the visit to Griffith Observatory Museum. I wish,, I really wish, that Indonesia has such a museum like it. It doesn't have to be as grand, well maintained is the least we expect.
Nonetheless, here's a sneack preview the bundle kit.

I've created a desktop calendar for August Desktop Calendar using the kit, and mix with a template layout from Marisa Lerin. Obviously featuring my picts from the Griffith Observatory.

You can grab the quick page following below link (clik on image). I have created 3 quick page to better suit your monitor size.



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