May 03, 2014

May Calendar Quick Page

We are a bit behind for the May calendar, forgive me, I have super bad wifi connection these past few days. So we are on the 5th month of the year already.
It's iNSD (interNational Scrapbooking Day) today, Happy iNSD! What are you up to for this iNSD? I'm joining a mttape workshop by Gudily today at the Handmade Movement Bazaar. I might share with you what I learn :)
May is  a special month for me, as I got married on this month. Woohoo! Happy anniversary to me! How my husband and I met is what I always thought as the real life version of "Everything will be beautiful in it's time". If I looked back there were so many times that we could've bump into each other, yet we just went by as strangers pass by. We have so many mutual friends in the same circle yet fail to realize each other existence. So I guess it really is fate that finally brought us together. In the spirit of celebrating my anniversary here's a vintage looking calendar made from the Pixel Scrapper blog train feebie. Plus, I'm sharing you a poem from my wedding invitation, it's an improved version from this one. Hope you like it.
What If?
You met someone who’s truly the opposite of you.
But despite the differences, you don’t mind any of it.
What If?
You met someone who’s not perfect.
But you feel like you can cope with their little imperfections.
What if?
You met someone who doesn’t ask you for the world.
But you’re willingly to give it anyway.
What if?
That someone you met is me.
And that someone I met is you.
Then let’s consider us lucky.
because in this world of confusion and uncertainty,
we two have found each other

How to's:
1. You need 5 pictures for this calendar
2. Put one picture on top of the clipping mask layer
3. Right click on the picture layer and choose "create clipping mask"
4. Adjust accordingly
5. On the put text layer, you can change the text to any quotes you like, by default it's a poem I've shared before.

Note. Image is linked.



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