March 31, 2014

DIY : Banners Decoration for Your Baby's First Birthday Party

That very first birthday of your baby is always the most exciting and amazing. Whether you're going with big bash, a friends & family one, or a no party at all, I guess it will never hurt to give your house a little uplift with a DIY banners across the house.
Two months before the big day, I was thinking big, I want to do this and that, cut here and there, some glue, some paints, some of everything! But as time was running out (juggling between work, putting baby to sleep, and cutting papers could be  handful - red), I decided to keep it easy and simple. I have browse some styles of DIY banner that I could copy, there are tons of choices out there, and in the end I decided to go with scallop circles and scalloped squares. I also make the top decoration for the mini cupcakes I ordered (just to save 150K IDR on the cake decoration,, teehee) Making it is so easy here's a tutorial:

What you need to make the banner
patterned papers - I have ordered some patterned papers from scrapbook stores on instagram (@scrapbook_island, and @scrapbookfactoryjakarta)
cutting template (which you can get here)
satin ribbons (or any kind of ribbon you like)

How to make the banner
1. Trace your template on the patterned papers
2. Cut it through the tracing lines
3. Glue it together
4. Print the pictures or letters you want to put on the banners, cut it and glue it to the banner
5. Punch a hole on each side of the banner piece
6. Tie it with the satin ribbons (in this case I use two color satin ribbons, just to add some cheer)

What you need to make the cake top deco
Leftover papers from the banner
Paper punch (I used scallop circle punch from Carla Craft, if you don't have it you can just print another template only smaller)
Popcorn Markers (I love this popcorn markers, it gives the popcorn texture on whatever you write)
Double tape

How to make the cake top deco
1. Punch the leftover papers as many as you need
2. Write or draw whatever you like on the paper
3. Put the toothpick on the backside of one paper, secure it with the double tape
4. Place another paper to cover the toothpick & double tape
5. Place it on top of your cupcake

Soo,, this is our DIY decorations for the birthday party! Hope it can be an inspiration for your party.

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