December 31, 2013

The 14 in 14 Project

So 2013 is coming to an end, and I felt like this time it just went by so amazingly  fast.
Aside from the fact that yes, I quit my first job this year, and yes I gave birth to my first lovely child this year, and yes I started a career in the beauty industry (imagine me!). 2013 was thrilling, extravagant, overwhelming and lots of things, and I'm super shocked it's going to be 2014 soon, yet I haven't got the time to scoop up the overwhelming memories and put it in a sweet box.
Therefore, I'm declaring to myself, that I will start a project next year.
The 14 in 14 project
What is it exactly? Okay, so as you may all know, I have signed up for a digiscrap forum online. Simply because they have all this cute goodies to make digital scrapbook. And I am eager to make and published one to preserve the memory. (eversince people use digi camera they don't print photos as much).
The forum had 13 in 13 project all the way 2013, and will soon launched the 14 in 14 project. And I'm determined to plunge in to the project.
How to do it? It's pretty easy actually.
1.  On the 14th of each month grab your camera and take 14 pictures of your everyday life
2. Scrap the moments
3. By the end of the year you'll have 12 layouts to capture 2014.

Wish me luck and I'll share with you what I came up with each month.

Let's hope this one doesn't end up in the toilet like the "30 days writing challenge" haha,,



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