January 14, 2010

My Latest Cravings

Actually this home-made bakery store has been there since forever, but this place is my family latest discovery. And maybe.. for awhile we'll be forgetting about the other bakery store on Djuanda Street, and start shopping here. blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

Presenting our newly discovered bakery store: *tada!!!*
Primarasa at Jl Kemuning, Bandung

Okay, what I like most about this store is, not only they have various kinds of sponge cakes *bolu2*, chips *potato, spinach, you name it they got it*, cheese sticks, dry garlic breads and other pastry snacks, but they also got puddings&cakes. Yes!! I love cakes!! When I see that refrigerated cake display, with various nicely decorated cakes inside, I can't help but to stare at it, and start picking the ones that look and sound delicious.
Next, it is a self help shop. The place is crowded but you don't have to nudge here and there just to get the sales girl's attention. When you get there, just get a basket, and put in everything you'd like to buy in it. When you think you've had enough just go to the cashier neatly organized with a queue barrier. Therefore you don't have to worry that someone might steal your queue.

So while you're in town, and would like to visit this shop, don't forget to try my recommended bakery&cake, which are:
  • Bolu Oreo. Trust me, you'll love this. It's not too sweet, and the white sponge cake is really soft plus spongy. With strawberry jam *I think* in the middle, and oreo crumbs on top, this one would be a good snack during tea time.
  • Avocado Tiramisu. Just try it!! You know how sometimes tiramisu would make you queasy if served too much, well.. you don't have to worry about this tiramisu. What I loved most about their cakes are, it is served in the right amount, not too much and not too little. Also, they always add fruit in the cakes therefore the milky/fat in the cakes won't taste too strong (maghteh), so you could enjoy it better.
  • Garlic bread. Once you pop you just can't stop. haha.. oh.. you can also add this to your cream soup *if you're making one..*



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