September 09, 2010

The Stone of Destiny?!?!

More like the stone of phony!!!

Okay, here's the story. Yesterday I just got a free copy of this game called The Stone of Destiny. It's one of those i-spy meet various puzzles kind of games. I guess it's a good game to kill the time you know, since I got this one week holiday due to the Lebaran Festivity.
I'm just on the early stage of the game, when something strange happen. And I can't help but to stop playing, took pictures, and post it. After I finish my first scene *the tutorial kind of puzzle which is too easy to solve*, I was brought to a screen in which there's a map, and a certain place that I can click. Like below picture.
So I decided to click this scene called "The Strange Cave" located in America. And guess where it brought me.
There's no hoax in this picture. Simply stupidity. You can see at the top of the above picture it says "The Strange Cave", so I'm not jumping to the wrong scene in the game. The list on the right is the stuff I have to find in that scene. And the big issue *drum roll please..* does the cave's entrance look familiar to you?? I mean, does it really resemble a place located in America??
Okay, so here's a picture I took in 2006, when I was going for a vacation with my family.
You see the resemblance?? And judging from that checkered fabrics worn by the statue guarding the cave's entrance, you would have guess that this landmark is NOT located even close to America. It was taken, when I was in Bali *dash* Indonesia *dash* Asia.

Note to publisher: Next time you want to make an adventure-ish kind of games, please *please pretty please..* don't get the landmarks mix up!!! It's bad enough that kids nowadays don't know their geography and history, without you mixing things up by swip-swapping landmarks. What you just did is like claiming The Statue of Liberty located in the Middle East. That is just silly.


raeArani said...

what!!!! they change your picture with that hanging bat?
how dare!


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