May 06, 2009

LG Recital @ Salihara

I was really wowed watching that recital at Salihara. I remember the first time I attended LG's recital about 4 or 5 years ago. And I really admire the way he played the piano, absorbing and full of energy. So "IT" happens again, last Saturday. When I heard the news that LG would be holding a recital, I quickly called the ticketing agent, as I know it would be a sold out soon.
And yes the recital worth every penny. Looking at those fingers dancing on the piano, I just want to go straight back home *after watching the recital of course* and start practicing again. What I liked most about the recital is, not only the pianist played old classical songs from the west, but also pieces from Indonesia. And the song I've been waiting for was played: The Dancer, composed by the pianist himself when he was 15 *if I didn't get this wrong*. Even I got a little surprise as my favorite song from Jaya Suprana, "Fragmen" was played during encore. Couldn't help but applauding and screaming for more, if he didn't put down the piano cover, I bet the audience would still be clapping for extra. Well, I guess for those of you who couldn't make it to the recital, you could all enjoy the video below which LG called "Timur dan Barat", a combination of themes from "Cublak2 Suweng" and "Magnificent Seven". Bravissimo!!



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