June 25, 2013

It's Not Goodbye

Saying goodbye to your first professional job is never easy. Especially when you started out as a trainee. You somehow create a bond with the company who willingly employ a fresh graduate as you are, and promised you a bright management career ahead (if you qualified further). Moreover you also created a bond with fellow trainees, with whom you shared the ups and downs of being a trainee. To me, the company is not only my first professional job, but it was also a first for everything. My first encounter with supply chain, my first professional fight, my first professional panic, my first company outing, my first time to win a video competition and obviously the place where I met my first (and only!) lovely hubby
Well, as we all know, nothing is forever and so does this employee-company relationship. When the time comes, you just have to decide to move on and leave all things behind. I remembered about 3 and a half years ago, thanks to a certain director who’s willingly to employ me eventhough I’m still at my last year of postgraduate program. Giving me the privilege and flexibility to work while completing my study. It seems like yesterday when I’m sent to the suburbs of Bandung, on and off a small truck, doing things I would never consider doing my whole life. Second guessing my abilities, as I always know, I don’t have the heart to do my first project. But the thought of one day doing what I love, is what kept me going. Eventually everything must come to an end. After two months, the first project is completed. And eventually, we come to this day, when I depart with my first professional job. .
Whatever we do, it is all for a cause. We decided something because we believe that something new is a greater good for us.
Moving on from a relationship is never easy. But you just have to do it, especially when you believe it is what’s best, and whatever ahead will be better.



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