September 09, 2011

G,, are we there yet?

G,, will you show me the way?
Show me the way towards his day
G,, will you show me some light?
Show me the light to what is right
G,, will you show me the sign?
Show me the sign that it is mine

G,, please give me patience
Give me the patience to wait for the right moments
G,, please give me strength
Give me the strength to travel the length
G,, please give me courage
Give me the courage to make a change

G,, honestly I'm lost
Lost in the sea of maybe's
Lost in the storm of "is this it?"s
I'm lost in his breeze

G,, I'm giving in
Giving in to your will
Giving in to the let it be
Giving in to the questioning

~Maybe it's you, I wish I knew. Maybe it's not you, but I hope it's you.

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