June 12, 2011

Another Visit to Kep. Seribu (The Thousand Islands)

A friend of mine, who'd be going back to Aussie to continue her study is begging me for a trip to Kep. Seribu. I figured I've been to Tidung before, what are the other islands I can visit this month. With a little googling I found a travel agent website, who response really quick to my questions. So without second guessing, immediately transfer a down payment to book a trip to Pulau Pramuka for 10 people.
For 450K IDR, we got facilities as follow :
  • Public boat ticket Muara Angke - P. Pramuka - Muara Angke
  • Cottage
  • 4x Meal
  • Snorkling equipments
  • Small boat for island hopping (P. Semak Daun & P. Air)
  • A visit to hawksbill sea turtle conservatory, Silver Pompano Farm
P. Pramuka is the centre of government for the other islands at Kep. Seribu, therefore you'll find this island more well arranged. The cottage/homestay is better than when that in Tidung. However electricity is still a scarce source in this island. Electricity is only on from 6 PM to 6 AM. So when the night comes, don't forget to charge your mobile and camera battery, as it is the only chance you got.
The snorkling trip was what the price really worth. Even if you're not visiting P. Pramuka, you really got to snorkle at P. Semak Daun & P. Air. I rank it 3.5 out of 5, plenty of fish around *you don't need to feed them to see them*, old and big coral reefs, really tranquil current. Actually the sea is very calm that I decided not to use the lifevest for help. Will visit again? definitely,, right after I see the other islands,, :)



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