January 01, 2011

The Year,, 2011

People love new year. They celebrate, they cheer, they kiss, they laugh.
Somehow the words "new year" gave them a NEW hope. Hope that the next 365 days will be different than the previous. Hope that finally things will change. Hope that yes dreams WILL come true at last.
Well for me, I'm just here for the fireworks. They don't blow much of this extravagant as its expensive. And the only times that I can see beautiful fireworks is on new year's eve and on the Independence Day. But I guess, I'd rather spend the 17th August on travelling across Indonesia rather than watching fireworks. So I'm willing to stay up late at night on December 31st, and pick a spot among hundreds of people to just watch fireworks. It's all worth it to watch the midnight sky burns into reds, yellows, purples, blues, and greens.

Sometimes you hate me, sometimes you love me
But you realize, you realize that you can’
t leave me behind
I can be your best friend, I can be your enemy
I can be anything, anything you want me to be
You can run, run, run
In the midnight sun, sun, sun
Sometimes you hope, sometimes you forget that
I am here
But you’ll be sorry, you’ll be sorry when you are losing me

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