March 24, 2010

Menginjakkan Kaki di Ujung Selatan Sumatra

If I had a scarlet letter, I think it would be a "T" for "travelling". Well, it's undeniably true, that whenever I had the chance to, I would not say no to a travelling invitation. And three weeks ago I had a chance to finally set foot on the Sumatra island *although only to the tip of it*. I had been making plans to visit Sumatra for ages. Starting from nagging a best friend of mine to free up her weekend just to take me around Lampung up to nagging my parents to once in a while make holiday trip to Padang instead of Jogja *again!!*. And each plan just went blah, because something more important always came up.
But three weeks ago, the plan to visit Lampung finally executed. Although I almost missed the bus due to excessive traffic jam on the road from Bandung to Jakarta, and I did not see dolphin's tail on the way from Merak to Bakauheni or Bakauheni to Merak *forget about even going to the dock, I'm too sleepy to even notice that the boat is sailing already*, but I really enjoyed the picnic on the beach.
I found Lampung pretty easy to reach. It's a 7 hours road trip *without traffic jam and long queuing line at port* from Jakarta. You only have to spend IDR 109.000 for a business class DAMRI ticket (leaving&arriving from Gambir) or a minimum of IDR 165.000 using door to door shuttle bus. And when you come at the right season, you'll find cheap and perfectly ripe from the tree Durian. Unfortunately, this time I only had a chance to visit Lampung for a day. Therefore I only got to enjoy the scenery of Merak Blantung *via Krakatoa Nirwana Resort, entrance fee IDR 25.000*, enhance culinary experience by eating at Bakso Soni, and buy some typically Lampung snack and coffee. But it is dully noted that I'll visit Lampung again someday, spend longer time, and actually go to every interesting places they got.


Kinanti said...

b'temu nad-kah?
Aih... klo ga ada feed-nya susah juga yak...
hihihi... i always miss ur blog :p


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