August 01, 2009

Road to Maturity

So I'm 24 years plus 10 days today. Been wanting to write this, for a long time, but lately I just never got the chance to sit back and enjoy the storming ideas in and out of my brain. Well, today is the day. While waiting for my beauty sleep time, I just turn on my ipod, sit behind my laptopper, piles of pillows on my back, and it flows.

So..again..I'm 24 years plus 10 days today. Just thinking that throughout these years, I only got a chance to say thankyous to everyone only once in my life, through a page in my bachelor thesis called the dedication page. Out of those people I said thank you to, some are still (and will always be) my family, still in touch (and heaven knows we'll always try to be in touch), a bunch just gone with the wind (it's a matter of miles), and a particular person really just got lost in space (er..awkward..). Where ever they are, couldn't agree more that somehow they just leave some foot prints in my so called life. And I just can't never thank them enough.

24 years plus 10 days old today, I never wrote a resolution before, I always thought that everything should just go with the flow. You don't have to draw a straight line for your life, just draw a shade around the line and create a band, therefore when reality doesn't meet expectation you don't have to hit the ground hard.

Probably it's because I see the world perfect the way it is. Hell yeah.. I always got what I want and it has been a pretty life for me. You could say I'm a pro status quo, when in fact life should be more like the Japanese philosophy. The kaizen way a philosophy to focus on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life . Even though sometimes it looks fine the way it is, look around there might be something you might want to change. Because not everything is perfect.

The key factor to the kaizen way is eliminating the three "Mu"s. The first "Mu" would be Muda, in other words activities that doesn't add value and wasteful. Bottom line, everything I do that is unproductive should just go away. Well.. There goes my more-than-10-hours beauty sleep, addiction to Plant vs Zombies *and other PC games, doesn't matter mini or not*, long hours of roaming round the virtual world *okay..this one is just soo hard to give up*, etc..etc..

The second "Mu" would be Mura, which means unevenness or inconsistency. In a production system term, avoiding mura is done through applying the just in time system. So the production process would be supplied with the right part, at the right time, and in the right amount. But in terms of my life, I take it as balancing out my life. I should work hard, play hard, and also rest hard. Eating a lot will be followed by a lot of exercise *okay this is a new resolution.. exercise at least twice a week..*. A lot of stress will be followed by a lot of prayer. Balancing life means living a life to keep myself healthy and happy.

So we arrive to the last "Mu", which is Muri, unreasonableness or impossible works. In life there will come times where the works are really just impossible to do. Most people would say reach for the stars and bla..bla..bla.. I'm not being pessimistic here, but I just thought that even an over bent bamboo will break. So what I should do is put my head up in the sky, and keep my feet firm on the ground. The impossible would be beaten down by preparation and planning. Design your future..

Gah..looks like it's going to be a hard resolution for me. Giving up old habits won't be easy, but some things should be done, since I will turn 25 next year, and you will never want to spend a quarter of your life doing junks. So for a better future, why not..



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