June 06, 2009

Sawarna Cavfunture!!

About a month ago, I cracked my fortune cookies after a supper at a Chinese Restaurant. Surprise.. surprise.. the wise words inside just told me what I really needed in the moment. After a long shot of disappointment due to suffocating deadlines and unfulfilled gate-away traveling plans, I was determined to successfully execute my next "having-fun-on-the-road" trip.
Fortunately, a friend of mine offer me to join an adventure trip held by her office adventure club. Despite the tempting itinerary, at first I was not sure it would be a good idea. First I'll be making a pretty long trip with a bunch of people I don't even know, let alone getting along fine. Second, d'oh.. it's a company club, I' d be like stranger in the middle of nowhere. But my friend confided me to join *oh..well.. I guess she know how much I really need this trip, haha..*. To tell you the truth, there is not a slightest regret of joining it. By the end of the trip, I got back home with a shot of adrenaline that keeps me happy like for ever, and also pumps up my energy to face weeks of deadlines.
So where did I go exactly, as most people do, you'd probably went "he?!?!" when you heard this place *I went "he?!?!" when I first heard it..^^*. For surfers -local & international- and adventurers Sawarna is no longer a secret. The big waves and untouched beaches offer a true natural beauty. Sawarna also offer dark and mysterious caves seducing to be explored. You probably thought, what is the point of going into deep darkness just to find out that the other end is a dead end *and this is not something you don't know when you first enter the cave*. But that is the fun in caving, going up and down the slippery stones and hard clay, adoring the stalactites and stalagmites, trying hard to walk on soft mud that suck your legs, and of course *this is what an untrue adventurer, like me, would do* taking pictures everywhere!! :ahaha:. Tracking the shore *I forgot the name of the beach* while enjoying the sun setting at the horizon was also another blissful moment I got. Although it was a cloudy afternoon and looks like about to rain, the sky still looks beautiful the way it is. This is probably because I already had enough of Jakarta's polluted sky. And after a really long walk, you could always enjoy a freshly cut from the tree coconut, without sweetener, preservatives, and other additive ingredients. hmmm.... yummy,,,sengihnampakgigi
As much as I want to keep this place for myself *as I fear telling it to people might make it so crowded, commercialize, and kill the joy of visiting it*, I can't help but to recommend Sawarna to those of you who wants a little bit of adventure and relaxation. Only 5 *by car* to 7 *by small bus* hours away from Jakarta, and the half day trip really do worth it. Oh..well anyway a few spots you might want to visit would be Tanjung Layar Beach *you will find a huge rock that looks like a sail*, Langir Cave *this one is only a small and short cave*, and Lalay Cave. Oh yeah.. one more thing, don't try to find a five star hotel in Sawarna, they only have guest house, which is actually rented rooms provided by the local residents.


qq said...

kapan gacky trip lagi...?
sperti 7tahun lalu,,, ;DD

melur said...

hehe kalo gue lagi pengen banget ke pulau macan atau pulau sikuai di sum-bar
(eh itu semua dibahas di ELLE Juni lho) hehehe

MaYaNG's said...

gya...si melur promosi ELLE-nya..haha..
*sigh* so many places to visit, yet so many works to do and so little time. ^^


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